Balance: a vibrant orange, red and golden coloured bead tree on a tiger eye crystal base, named because despite its tendancy to grow more to one side, it was still perfectly in tune with itself. Not exactly symmetrical but balanced nevertheless.


Made with a mix of orange, red and gold silver lined glass seed beads and twysted together with copper and brown coloured copper wire.



Sits at 10cms / 4 inches in height (including base).


  • Size: Height 10cms x Width 9cms / 4 x 3.5 inches


    Materials:  Glass seed beads, tarnish resistant copper and brown coloured copper wire, unpolished Tiger Eye crystal, adhesive.


    Care instructions: For ornamental use only. Copper wire is soft and can be bent easily - branches can be adjusted but bending back and forth repeatedly can cause the wire to weaken and it may snap.

    Gemstone colours can fade if kept in direct sunlight so please bear this in mind when finding a spot to display it.

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