Blaze: bead and wire tree sculpture


A gorgeous fiery tree in one of my favourite colour combinations, black and red. Depending on the light source, it can look orangey red  as it appears in the photos, to a deeper almost raspberry red. The black wire always looks black though - no colour trickery with that! Unless it gets a bit dusty in which case a quick swish over with a paintbrush or similar will restore it from grey to black in no time at all.

Made with translucent rainbow lustre red coloured glass seed beads and twysted together with black coloured copper wire.



Sits at 9.5cms / 3.75 inches in height


  • Size: Height 9.5cms x Width 10cms / 3.75 x 4 inches


    Materials:  Glass seed beads, tarnish resistant black coloured copper wire

    Care instructions: For ornamental use only. Copper wire is soft and can be bent easily - branches can be adjusted but bending back and forth repeatedly can cause the wire to weaken and it may snap.

    ​All the items on this website have been photographed and displayed as accurately as possible. Colour may vary slightly due to different screen/monitor settings.