The problem with making trees in camo colours, is trying to find it afterwards!

I had considered calling this the 'cannae see me' tree (Scottish for 'can't see me' for anyone trying to translate) as that was how we used to refer to camouflage clothing, but I figured Stillness might be understood more.


Made with moss agate chips and twysted together with gunmetal, ivory and leaf green coloured copper wire it's a lovely little tree made to blend in with a natural background.


Tree sits approximately 3 inches (8cm) in height


  • Size: Height 3" (8cm) x Width 3.25" (8.5cms) 


    Materials:  Moss agate gemstone chips, tarnish resistant gunmetal, ivory and leaf green coloured copper wire


    Care instructions: Your tree has some degree of flexibility so you may want to adjust the position of some of the leaves. This is fine to do as long as you don't overly stress the wire, otherwise it will weaken and may snap. The wire I use has been enamel coated to prevent tarnishing. Dust can be removed with a paintbrush or similar.

    Some gemstones can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time so please be aware of this when choosing a place to display your tree.

    Lastly, please be aware due to the nature of the material, although I make every attempt to minimise this, the roots may have some sharp edges. Caution is advised if placing on surfaces that are easily scratched. For ornamental use only.


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