Sunrise and Sunset; one light and one dark in a tree depiction of the light on a spring morning as the sun has come up (when it's not raining that is!) balanced against the dark and dramatic colours of the skies when the sun has just set.


Each flower on this tree has been formed with four petals and many flowers make up each cluster. The lighter colours are in pastel peach and pink with light green leaves, and the darker flowers are in purple and blue with darker green leaves. The flowers in part were inspired by hydrangea; there are many growing in Cornwall and I adore the colours. The rest was imagination going on a light and darkness theme.


Extra detail has been added to the base in the form of beaded flowers and the roots have been attached to the base with the use of sculpting clay which has been textured and painted to give a natural grass / moss effect which doesn't look out of place on the natural slate the tree sits on.


The wire colours used are black and gunmetal for the darker tree, and ivory, gunmetal and rose gold for the lighter one. The base has been finished off with a soft touch varnish.


Sits approximately 25.5cms / 10 inches in height

Sunrise and Sunset

  • Size: Height (including base) 26cm x 20cms / 10 x 8 inches


    Materials:  glass seed beads, tarnish resistant copper wire in colours black, gunmetal, ivory and rose gold, natural slate, Apoxie sculpt clay, acrylic paint, soft touch varnish


    Care instructions: For ornamental use only. Copper wire is soft and can be bent easily - branches can be adjusted but bending back and forth repeatedly can cause the wire to weaken and it may snap.

    It is advisable to keep gemstones out of direct sunlight as this can sometimes cause them to fade over time.

    Dust can be removed with the use of a soft bristled brush such as a paintbrush.


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