Willow on Water; bead and wire tree sculpture


This is not a new tree, in fact it's one I made in my first year of launching the business.

There weren't many orders coming in those first few months so it felt like a good time to take the opportunity to make something larger and more detailed.

Because it was so heavy with all the beads, it did sit independently but I knew it would probably do better on a base of some kind, just for some extra stability but couldn't quite decide what would fit.

Over time my technique improved and the style evolved into the swirled root formation that has become the Twysted Roots unique and well known design. Every so often I'd look at this tree and contemplated dismantling it, not because it was bad, more it was reflective of where I was at then on my tree making journey. The thought of taking apart something I'd spent so many hours on however didn't sit right, so in a box it sat until I rediscovered it this year and decided a mirror base was the way to go.

Using apoxie sculpt, a grassy bank was fashioned at the side of the mirror with the help of some acrylic paint, and the willow sits happily on it, reflecting beautifully in the rest of the glass. 


Sits at 17 cms / 6.7 inches in height

Willow on Water

  • Size: Tree Height 17cms x Width 18cms / 6.7 x 7 inches
               Mirror diameter 20cms / 8 inches

    Materials: glass seed beads, gunmetal and antique bronze coloured tarnish resistant copper wire, apoxie sculpt, acrylic paint, matte varnish, 20cms round mirror base

    Care instructions: For ornamental use only. Copper wire is soft and can be bent easily - branches can be adjusted but bending back and forth repeatedly can cause the wire to weaken and it may snap.


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