You've Got This; amethyst and green aventurine bead and wire tree sculpture

A while back I bought a load of green aventurine gemstone chips for a commission project that ended up requesting something completely different and I rediscovered them while looking for something else... can't remember what now.

Aventurine is considered to be a lucky stone and amethyst is the soothing and healing one. Combined, they're said to give a supportive vibe, like your own mystical cheerleader in gemstone form. Also they look really pretty together.


Twysted together with gunmetal coloured copper wire, this tree sits at 10 cms / 4 inches in height

You've Got This

  • Size: Tree Height 10cms x Width 10.5cms / 4 x 4.13 inches

    Materials: Amethyst and green aventurine gemstone chips, gunmetal coloured tarnish resistant copper wire

    Care instructions: For ornamental use only. Copper wire is soft and can be bent easily - branches can be adjusted but bending back and forth repeatedly can cause the wire to weaken and it may snap.


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