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Clutter and no self control

It’s the weekend again! I’ve spent today having a bit of a clear out of my bedroom in an attempt to get rid of some of the clothes I don’t wear but didn’t want to fling out “just in case”. I’m seeing a pattern here with absolutely everything else in my life that I also don’t want to fling out ‘just in case’ so it’s no wonder my living environment seems to shrink over the space of months and years.

I had to buy more wire this week as I’m starting to get low on some of the reels. This is something I actually do need. I’ve also bought more beads this week and to be fair, some I actually did require for a custom item as the ones I had weren’t giving the effect I wanted. Others however I really didn’t but ... beads! Shiny! Colours! Self control out the window!

Seriously, I have enough beads to probably mosaic the entire house, (inside and out) but not all of them can be used for tree sculptures because they’re too big or I don’t have enough of the same kinds or colours. When I first started buying beads it was with the intention of trying out different ideas such as wall art, mosaics, hangy sparkly things for windows or outdoors but of course I went and moved house and now I no longer have a storage room for all the possible future projects I’d like to do. As I sit here, I have my foot resting on my box of paints and brushes, I turn round and there’s my piano with a whole load of beads under it, guitars on the wall, beads and wire reels in the corner and more beads in more boxes next to the sofa. That’s not even covering the billions I have upstairs, the ‘just in case’ ones that I can’t bring myself to get rid of because the moment I do I’ll think up an idea for them.

If you think it sounds a bit cramped, you’d be right. But the upside is I have everything I need at hand. A lot of the time, if it involves taking stuff out of storage, or even just going into another room for something I often won’t bother, not through laziness, but because I end up doing another 7 things while I’m in there and 4 hours later I’ll come out and it’ll be too late to start and I’ll have gone off the idea. So there is an upside to having limits on space, for me at least. Still, a designated work area would be lovely.

Plans for the coming week are finishing off the current custom order and preparing for the Camelford Show which is on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure I have everything I need for this now (in theory) but never having done a fair / trade stand before, it’s a definitely possibility that I’ll have overlooked something. I’m still not over having to be there to set up at 7am. If you’re in the area feel free to drop in and poke me with sharp sticks to keep me awake!

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