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Did you miss me?

You may have noticed I didn’t write a blog last week. Or not. I know at least two people read it so if you were impatiently tapping your foot over the weekend, waiting for the inspired nonsense that my brain reels off I do apologise.

I had a not so good week emotionally last week. It happens sometimes when anxiety has been peaking more than usual and when it got to Sunday I thought I can either write or paint, but not both. Writing I have to mentally engage with, but painting I lose all sense of the world around me (and in me) as I focus on colours and visuals so painting won hands down. Music on, paints and brushes out... a perfect Sunday. It obviously helped; the equivalent of switching it off and back on again. Once I’d finished I was relaxed and happy with a sense of achievement. I had found me again.

So this week I’ve been working on a larger project; a commissioned piece which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve said before I love freestyling, but I also love the challenge of working to specifics. I finished my ‘inspired by you’ project, the last one being ‘Rainbow Drops’ and with the exception of the ones that have sold already, they’re all listed and available to buy from the website.

'Rainbow Drops' tree of life sculpture

That's all the news and hopefully this time next week I can show you what I’ve been spending all my hours on. It’s going to be the treeiest tree I’ve ever made and I’m so excited to be working on it!

Big love

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