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Sharing packaging tips

When I started out on this venture of tree making, one thing that didn’t occur to me at the time was how to package them up. Obviously I know now, and I do it in such a way that it *should* be easy for the recipient to just lift out. I know this because I’ve packed and repacked things several times to check, especially in the beginning when I wanted to get an idea of what the tree would look like once it arrived at the other side of its journey.

It could easily have been the makings of a lesson in pointless repetition; put the tree in the box, remove the tree to see if any of the roots or branches have moved. Put it back in the box. Wonder if the roots or branches have moved this time. Take it back out the box......... you get the picture.

Each tree is different. Some I can wrap bubblewrap round the trunk after fashioning it into some kind of sausage shape (the bubblewrap, not the trunk!) – on smaller trees this works really well because it keeps the tree still and the edge of the wrap keeps it snug inside the box so it doesn’t bounce around in transit. On larger trees I use both bubblewrap and packing peanuts. I actually prefer these because they’re eco friendly and can be reused, composted, dissolved in water, binned... or if you’re one of my dogs, eaten (I found this out after getting a delivery with said packing peanuts in it). I wouldn’t recommend this last part personally – actually I’ll just state it outright; Please don’t eat the packing peanuts! I know I’m insured and all that but I’m pretty sure the insurance won’t cover a “Clair @ twystedroots told me it was ok”.

I’m only writing about this subject this week after a fellow tree maker asked me how I packaged up my trees to post. Something I’ve been thinking about that follows on from this is maybe making a video on how to reposition the roots or branches if needed. I’ve said a bit about that on the website and on each listing that trees can be adjusted if needed but I thought it might be helpful to show it for anyone not feeling too confident about doing that. It’s on my “to do” list at any rate so once I figure out how to record on my camera I’ll maybe get a short demo done on positioning of branches and roots.

Work in progress of horse chestnut inspired tree with tigers eye beads

On that note I’m off to work on my horse chestnut tree *again* and hopefully this will be the weekend I get it finished.

Big love

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