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September update

Howdy all! I figured it was time to do a bit of an update after the previous post but don't worry - it's not all about that. Breaking the Silence has been viewed just shy of 1700 times now, most of these views were within the first three days. I've never had anything close to that before so it was quite an overwhelming week watching the numbers go up and responding to people who got in touch, many with their own story. Most folk have been nothing but supportive, some publicly but a lot privately, fearing they will become a target too. It's hard to hear that, knowing one person has managed to cause that amount of discomfort through their behaviour and I can't even begin to ponder the 'why' other than that's just how some people are built. I'm thankful to every single person who has taken the time to read the account of events. I still can't believe I had to do it to start with but there we are then. Moving on, Monday 19th is a bank holiday as it is Queen Elizabeth's funeral. I've not made any public announcement about any of it; I don't have any strong feelings either way about the royal family but I respect that it's been a hugely emotive time for many all round the world. For me it's a death and that is very sad loss for all who knew and loved her so I wish comfort and peace to all who are grieving. In my personal life (oooh we're getting personal!) yesterday was the last day of puppy class for me and Milo. We've been going for 5 weeks and I really just wanted to go so he could meet other puppers. He's had a brilliant time running around playing and ignoring mostly anything I've said or shouted at him but we did get a lot of out of it in terms of lead walking tips and recall. Sad that it's over but not sad that I can get back to sleeping later Saturday mornings again. Photo was from during the week when me and my buddy booked the field for an hour. Great views and lots of space for chases and zoomies!

Three dogs in a field with Roughter in the background. Milo, black kelpie collie cross pup is furthest away, followed by Fern, a dachshund lab fox red pup, with Effy, a border collie following
Effy and Fern chasing Milo

On the tree front, I've been making some smaller ones recently for two reasons; one being mindful of budgetary restraints at the moment as the UK goes to hell in a handcart re soaring energy prices and the continuing fallout since leaving the EU, and two because they're quicker to make! It's all the fun with none of the stress or loss of steam halfway through that often accompanies larger projects.

Red bead and ivory coloured wire tree sitting on an upturned hand. Background is a misty grey effect. Twysted Roots logo is in the bottom right corner
Love and Peace bead and wire tree

I will be starting on more Christmas trees in the next week or so and I know it's still early but last year I was sick of the sight of them by December so trying to space it out more this year. Also started something Halloweeny this week so going to be attempting bats and pumpkins again. It's been a while since I've played around with the sculpting clay so that's going to either be fun or involve a lot of swearing. That's all my news I think? Nothing overly exciting but that's not a bad thing. I've had enough excitement for one year. Oh wait - I do have one more thing .. a new logo! It's been something on my mind to do for a couple of years now and not that I didn't like my old logo, it was just that I wanted my own design instead of one I'd created using Canva. Plus it was a bit weird having a logo of a tree with no roots given the biz name. I chose one of the paintings from a tree box that I liked the design of and Natasha Finney kindly recreated it digitally for me in both single colours as well as a gorgeous colour graduation which I love. Not everywhere has been updated yet because you can't rush these things... at least not if you're me. It's not a huge step away from what it was but it definitely fits the brand better.

Digital drawing of a tree with graduated brown branches, trunk and roots, starting lighter at the top then dark at the roots. The leaves are teal dots in different sizes. Text "Twysted Roots" is placed with each word at each side of the tree trunk. Logo is on a white background
Twysted Roots new logo

Take care and big love to ya ❤


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