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General updates

Ahhh it's been a while but eventually have the headspace to sit and write a few sentences.

So first thing - Commissions! I'm not taking on any more commissions this year. Reasons ... multiple really. It's been a heavy year with some whopping big projects which I have absolutely loved. They do however take a lot more brain power and energy because it's not just a case of dreaming something new up, I'm working with people and being guided by what they're asking from me. It presents new challenges, whether it's size, shape, materials or style. Which is lovely by the way; I've said it before, it's always touching to be asked if I can make something special or specific and be trusted to hopefully bring that persons vision into reality. But it requires concentration and keeping on track to the brief, not just making it up as I go which is how I work normally, just sort of flinging stuff together and adapt as I go. Isn't that what everyone does?

When I speak of using extra energy, I mean the emotional kind. A lot of the time I hear some personal stories behind why someone is asking for something specific which always affects me. What can I say - high empathy comes with a massive emotional streak. Like last week I received some feedback that had me in tears because it was unexected and lovely. I've been given permission to quote the message so will share part of that here.

"From the minute I asked about it you have been so helpful and thoughtful and shared progress along the way. I couldn't describe what I wanted really other than from the original image I found that inspired me, you bought something to life from that. You have such a wonderful gift Clair, and made my world beautiful today with both trees. It's made me really emotional"

Black wire tree with strands of green and purple with crystal drops in green and purple
Halloween Tree commission

I don't really consider what I do to have that kind of impact, mainly because I'm just hoping the end result isn't a disappointment. Plus I've never known quite how to deal with compliments. So yeah, in the shell of a nut, many commissions can leave me feeling emotionally exhausted, plus the anxiety over whether it's going to be ok at the end because I hate to let people down. Also the hours that go into larger trees ... when I'm making them just for the sake of it, there's no expectation from anyone. Maybe it's the pressure of expectation? Whatever it is I know when burnout is getting close so it's a lot easier just to take a step back. Which is what I've done for now. I'll write more about the process another day. Maybe in a follow up blog.

Shipping and stuff

Still not fully reinstated shipping worldwide but USA, Australia and Canada shipping is available. And UK obviously. With the absolute clusterduck that's brexit, shipping times are going to be interesting especially on the run up to Christmas. If you're somewhere that isn't currently included in the places shipped to, do give me a shout and I'll do my best to sort something out.

Crystal glass

Swar 'those who shall not be mentioned' ovski are no longer allowing small sellers to use their name if you use their crystals so any listings with these will be referred to as 'high end luxury crystals'. Or if they're by another brand, it'll be named. I have over 130 each of golden shadow and ab crystal stars, not to mention all the other bits I bought long before they decided to go down this route and it's going to take a few years to use everything up. I'm not pleased with them but I'm not about to stop using what I have. Their loss because my trees are fabulous! 🤩

Updates on payments

I took the plunge and Klarna payments are now available in the checkout options! Originally was going to go with ClearPay but after the initial contact from a rep, I never heard anything back so that's that. Just about to go update the website so people know this is an option - I'm under no illusion that anyone reads this blog for info (just as well since I'm so crap at keeping up with it!) so I guess I better get that done.

Anyway that's about it I think? Pretty sure there was something else but whatever it was has escaped me. Ah well it's a good excuse to write another post

if it comes back to me.

Take care and stay safe!

Two red trees with orange and purple forming the shape of a heart.
Garnet heart commission


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