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Checking in and checking out (shipping update)

Hey hello internet dwellers! Just a wee update on things and stuff since I've made some changes today to postage / shipping rates. As you might know, prices went up again at the start of April which obviously I ignored at the because it's a fairly tedious task updating it all. I'm kinda relieved I looked today (can't remember why - pretty sure I was on track for doing something completely different) because some services have changed and I didn't realise a lot of the items I send wouldn't be covered by the set compensation if anything went missing. Hasn't happened yet but who am I to tempt fate? First change is I've got rid of the signed for options as they no longer cover for items up to £50 and only compensate for items up to £20. I've replaced this with Royal Mail tracked 24 and 48 services which are around the same price and compensate for up to £150. Bonus! Items over this will go as Special Delivery; this is also an option if you don't want to use tracked 24 or 48 for whatever reason. International services have changed prices too and orders under £250 in their various sections have gone down in price so it's less of an ouch when it's checkout time. Orders over £250 .. well that is a bit of an eye watering hike as larger heavier parcels have gone up in price and the service I used before is no longer as competitive so larger / higher value items will be sent via Parcelfor

ce as it seems to be the less expensive option now. As always if your country doesn't appear on the shipping options during checkout, drop me a line via the contact page and I'll do what I can to accommodate. And that's it really! Short and sweet update. Until next time...


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