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Holiday and general updates

I've done it again haven't I? Months between posts is kinda poor on my part but it's been a heck of a year for stuff getting in the way which might be in a future post but this one I'll try to keep relatively short and on point. Chrismas is looming and I'll be posting right up to whenever the last day of posting is before the big day. As per every year at this time, the week before Christmas, I'll be sending everything special delivery regardless of what you choose at checkout to lessen the stress of wondering when a thing is going to arrive.

A bead and wire Christmas tree with swirled roots, sitting on an upturned hand
Merry Magical Christmas

Overseas orders are probably at the cut off point already but there's always the option of a tree arriving a bit later if you saw something you absolutely had to buy. Or... gift cards! Speaking of overseas, I don't think I ever updated here that I was back to posting to the usual overseas places I post to. I can't believe that was almost a year ago that it all went up in the air with Royal Mail and their cyber attack. Heck of a start to 2023 that was. The website will be taking orders as usual over the holidays but I'll be taking my usual few days off over Christmas so won't be around to answer anything straight away. That doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means it's one of those rare times I've switched off and I'm probably sleeping or entertaining doggos. My doggos I might add, not just some randoms. Planning some changes for next year, including not taking on commissions anymore (existing bookings will be of course honoured as well as existing clients who have indicated you'd love a custom order). At least not for a while. Or maybe if the urge takes me I'll open it up for a month here and there but I'll see how that goes. It's not been a snap decision; it's something I've considered stopping at several points over the years as too many can quickly lead to burnout which can last months and it sucks. There is also the additional time element to it which I've never charged for which is 100% my own fault, but some take many hours to finalise vs I could be using those hours to simply make trees to add to the shop and hope someone loves them.

It's one of those decisions that feels like a relief to have made so it's right for me, for now. Other new thing I'll absolutely be doing next year which I've said for the past three years, is putting up bead bundles for sale. I got pretty close to doing it this year but trying to work out another lot of postage was mind numbingly aaarghhhhhhhh so I put it off. Again. I might even start selling some of the crystal pieces that I won't be able to use as tree bases (too steep, too wobbly, too small or even too big). I have some ideas I'd like to try out too which I'm not even going to list here because it might not happen and I don't want to be called out in 11 months time with a 'hey what happened to that thing you were going to be making'? As I said, quick update of all the current things and I don't think I got too off track with it! I have a few posts half written in drafts so you never know - might end the year with an epic post looking back on everything that's happened but that does require collation and concentration on my part plus two posts in one month? I wish I was that organised! Anyway peace out and much love to you all 💚


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