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Update on International shipping

Just a quick post to update on international postage; due to the situation with Royal Mail at the moment, I've temporarily removed the international shipping option until it's resolved. Courier is an option if anyone is really desperate but the prices are a lot higher and they're probably going to be having delays too due to having extra to deal with while Royal Mail international service isn't available. I'll link in the service update page here - there are more in depth stories on it online if you search but this is the source so will stick to that for info. Once it's reinstated and up and running again I'll give it a couple of days to let them catch up then update shipping here to include it again. Apologies for the disruption - it's totally out of my control. UK services are all operating as normal - this only affects international post.

In the meantime, if you are outwith the UK and find something you really love and wish to reserve it, do get in touch and I can do that for you.

And that's it! Hope you have a fab week! Can't be any worse than the one RM is having.


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