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New trees and bead hunting

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! I’ve spent the weekend making trees (obviously), photographing, editing and listing. I’m still getting to grips with my new photo software and finding out how best to edit photos which for the most part is relatively straightforward but sometimes with even after all the tweaking in the world, I sometimes need to just give up and retake the photos if I don’t feel they do the tree justice. It’s not often I manage to capture the perfect photo first time so I end up trawling through loads to find ones suitable to use on the website.

All That Glitters weeping style tree of life sculpture

I’m still on my #inspiredbyyou project with just another three colour combo suggestions to go. I have loved doing this and it’s triggered off so many other ideas I’m getting impatient to finish. One of my favourites so far has been the ‘All that Glitters’ tree, not just for the colours and style, but the fact I found some goldstone hearts to incorporate into it. Now this probably doesn’t come as a shock, but I’m going to let you in on a secret – I love heart shapes! Don’t laugh but when I see one in nature, I think that’s the universe’s way of letting you know there’s love out there in the world whether you’re looking for it or not. So! Because I found these goldstone hearts and I know for a fact I want to be using these again (or any heart shaped bead for that matter) I went on a bead finding mission again... it’s not like I have enough though is it?

I was really good though, because after several hours trawling through the usual websites as well as some random ones, all I did was watch some items and bookmark others because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Just as well because I really do need to have a serious clear out of beads I’m never going to use. Trouble is how can you tell what you might need or want in the future? In my case it’s normally after I’ve thrown it out or given it away.

Emerald, wine and champagne tree of life

Ok so I’ve now went over into Monday morning after another mad bead hunt, and by mad I mean methodically searching the entire internet for something specific for over three hours and now knowing far more about names of beads that I ever thought possible. Sometimes I wish I could just look for a couple of minutes and decide that I’m not going to find what I’m looking for but nooooo, I can’t just leave it. I want to be the finder of things and the winner of the internet! Mission semi accomplished and will now post this blog post slightly later than planned and take myself off to bed before I decide to have another look just in case I’ve missed some random bead site 50 pages in.

Big love!

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