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Normal (whatever that is) service has been resumed ... ish

I know I’ve not done a great job at keeping the blog going over December but now that the madness that was Christmas is over and we’re now into 2018, I thought it was time I regained some focus (and sanity).

Me! Smiling and trying to appear sane and focused

December was a busy month for me which was fantastic, but it also got a bit weird because routine went out the window as people were taking holidays from social media and work. This wasn’t unexpected but I didn’t realise it would affect me so much, losing that pattern of when I did everything.

I felt like I should be taking some time off too since it appeared everyone else was ..... but that didn’t 100% happen and I ended up carrying on making trees and planning future bead and wire purchases. I’ve also had some paperwork to deal with which has been fairly time and energy consuming so I got a bit ‘stuck’ because I detest form filling almost as much as I detest having to make phone calls. So I’m sad to say, anything that wasn’t requiring immediate attention was put aside until I had the resources to deal with it again and that’s all the reasons why I’ve been neglecting my blog!

January has been positive so far, not that I was expecting anything in particular, but it’s been a pleasant surprise to have had some sales and custom orders so early in the year. I thought January would be really quiet on the store front so I’m glad to be proved wrong. I can’t show you what I’m currently working on because it is a custom order, but I can say it’s a bit different because I’ve used gemstones this time AND it’s mounted on a gemstone base. I have done this in the past but my aim was always to make self supporting trees without the need for a base, however I’m happy to add a base should it be requested, assuming I have something suitable.

Swarovski heart pendants in different colours

So new things this year so far .... I have some Swarovski heart shaped pendants in my collection now which I will be incorporating into some future trees. They’re not as big as the glass lampwork hearts from the previous heart series, but they’re ever so sparkly and beautiful! I also have some new wire colours coming ... light blue, pink, bright violet and red. Can’t wait to get them and think up some new combinations.

Another new thing is I’ve joined Redbubble; I was playing around with some of my tree photos and started experimenting with making kaleidoscopes from them. I thought that as far as original artwork goes, it doesn’t get any more original than making kaleidoscopes from my own unique trees. You can check them out here

Kaleidoscope mandala art

...... and that’s about it I think. I’m now off to walk the doggos again since the sun is still shining. I’ve had all of three hours sleep so I’m going to get out again before I hit the wall and slump in a heap on the sofa.

See ya next week!

Big love

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