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The art of making mistakes

I wrote this for an instagram post after someone commented about their own self criticism, something I struggle with a lot myself. I missed writing a blog post this weekend so thought I'd make this a sort of late / mid week one instead.

Highly detailed silver wire tree sculpture that has been partially unwound
Holding an unravelled tree

I thought I'd share a story of before I started the business and I was making a tree for someone. As you can see from the remains I'm holding, it was large and it had been filled with beads. All was going well; I had all my branches made over several days and I started assembly. It was then I realised the beads were making it top heavy and no amount of twysting or positioning was making this one stand up. It would just droop to one side (I wasn't finding any obvious references to little blue pills funny in the slightest either!) 🙄😒

After several hours of alternating between cursing and howling I decided to try to untwyst it... it didn't go well and this was the result; a tangled mess with no hope of salvation. It had defeated me! All that was left to do was cut each leaf to salvage the beads and start over, this time with a thick wire core to keep it upright.

I kept "the disaster" because I thought I might use it for something one day as it actually looks quite tree like as it is, however even after over a year later I still can't look at it without berating myself for not using a core in the first place. 😣

I didn't start off being good at this and I still make the odd mistake with it now and again. It's all a process and when you see a finished tree all you see is (hopefully) something that looks good. You don't see what it took to get to that stage. People generally don't show off their mistakes - it doesn't mean they've never made any 😇😁

Creating is a journey. Don't compare your beginning with someone else's middle 💚🌳

Big love

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