Really I should have had this blog prepared for Friday as that's when I launched the giveaway over on Facebook, but being *that* organised is a bit beyond me. Better late than never though!

Twysted Roots is about to have its first birthday / anniversary so to celebrate this I decided to make and give away a tree sculpture, just as a thanks in general to the universe for having my back since launching on the 30th April last year. It's good to give something back now and again.

Rainbow Heart bead and wire tree sculpture

Rainbow Heart - simply because I love rainbows and hearts (and trees obviously), but also as a nod to one of my earlier tree sculptures that received a lot of love and has recently sold and is now in its new home. My original heart tree was the first one to receive a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art, which was kind of a big deal, especially as I hadn't been on there that long.

So if you haven't already entered, the entry requirements are simple - just head on over to the pinned post, and like and comment on it.

It's open worldwide so go for it if you haven't already!

Big love

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