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September blog post

Now that it's mid September I thought I'd jot down a couple of sentences / have a ramble / share some thoughts *delete as appropriate.

Firstly I've made some changes to the website .... nothing startlingly obvious, just a few tweaks here and there. I've added a separate gallery page instead of having the gallery run at the bottom of the home page, and I've added a 'Shop Now' button on the home page, just to make it obvious and to save finding the shop on the menu, especially if viewing from a mobile. "Tweaks" if you will, because as time goes on, sometimes things require minor changes. I do have some more minor adjustments to make but as the saying goes in Cornwall, I'll get to that dreckly.

The gallery is nicer on a page of its own, but I'm not 100% happy with the layout yet. On that note, if you'd like to see the full versions of any tree, most of them can be viewed on my Deviant Art gallery. I don't like sending people off to other websites which is why I wanted a gallery page of my own, but it's still there as an option for anyone that wants a look.

Other than that there's not much to tell. I'm still working away on new trees every day, some for commissions and some for the shop. I'm getting slightly nervous about Christmas because it got quite busy last year and I'm feeling like this year I should be super prepared but the reality is I still don't know quite what to expect, or what (if anything) people would be looking to buy. So I'm probably just going to go all out for the next couple of months and hope for the best!

Amethyst gemstone and gunmetal coloured copper wire tree sitting on an upturned hand. A Swarovski star hangs from a lower left branch
Amethyst Star bead and wire tree sculpture

Anyway if you want to keep up with stuff I'm up to in between sporadic blog posts, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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