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Going to give this another go

I know, I know ... 11 months between blog posts is a little excessive, but I'm going to attempt it again with some original posts and some I'll be sharing from Instagram since I seem to write most of my words there. This change of heart came about after a lovely email from some poor soul who happened to stumble upon my meanderings, and it made me think maybe I should start posting up again since I appear to have at least one person in the world who reads my ramblings. So here it is, as posted on Instagram earlier! Latest miniature to appear from the depths of my bead and wire stash which I've called Shine ... because sometimes you just have to! ✨ Inspiration for this came from the most gorgeous piece of Cornish shale with pyrite which I bought from @cornishcrystals ( last time I was in Wadebridge. I'd already picked out a selection of crystals and made the mistake of letting my eyes wander while my purchases were being added and wrapped. I say mistake because that's when I usually throw caution (and my budget!) to the wind as I spot another thing I have to have, but the reality is I'd have been gutted to have missed out on it because it's going to make a perfect base for a bigger version of this tree. More wire has been ordered so watch this space for a tree on this base! And no ... poetry and rhyming isn't going to be a new thing in the blog. Or maybe it is .....!

Grey and light gold bead and wire tree sculpture on a piece of Cornish shale with pyrite. Background is misty grey effect.

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