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A©ID (anti copying in design)

Helloooo and a big wave from a very rainy Cornwall!

I've been updating my website and all my social media accounts with the A©️ID logo after joining this week to help get the message out that copying other people's work is not ok!

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for people seeing something and being inspired to have a go themselves - heck, that's what pinterest is all about. But for the love of all that's good, find your own style and don't copy other people's designs and pass them off as your own!

Personally I've witnessed at least five different accounts change their style overnight after following my page(s). Some first hand, but mostly because of other people messaging me, asking if I'm aware that it's happening. One person even bought trees from me in order to make almost identical copies in order to sell them themselves.

In the past I've fumed, felt betrayed, frustrated, deflated and disillusioned. I've blocked accounts and moved on. Now I'm being far more proactive; my specific Twysted Roots® roots design has been officially registered as a protected design as of last month, and this week I became a member of A©️ID. And I will be challenging anyone who appears to have been copying any of my works in the future.

Funny thing ... I'm a fierce advocate for anyone else who goes through this, now it's time to advocate for myself. 💚

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