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Time for a break ...

Since all has been quiet lately I've decided to ease off making a little because stock is building up and morale has taken a nosedive. I have a couple of trees to work on this week but my 'one a day' phase has definitely been hit on the head for now.

My first year was quiet but with me being new, I was prepared for that. Second year was so busy I barely had time to breathe some weeks. And then this year .... yikes! I don't believe I'm alone though; it's a scary time for many small businesses in the UK right now.

I felt myself getting worn down and gradually more physical problems were occurring so I've been having a mini break from tree making, and prioritising self care. Not really a break as such by usual standards; baking, cleaning, painting and organising have taken the place of making, but it's been nice having a breather from constantly thinking of what to come up with next.

That said, I'm planning on a giveaway soon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram ... just have to iron out the details first (ie decide what the giveaway is actually going to be 😂) So don't go far ... I'll be announcing it before October ends! 😘

Image description: Light green and pink opal bead and wire tree sculpture sitting on the fingers of an upturned hand. Background is a grey misty swirly effect. Twysted Roots logo is in the bottom right corner.

Bead and wire tree sculpture in light green and pink opal, sitting on an upturned hand

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