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Temporarily on hold

Since lockdown was announced for the UK last night I've made the decision to put the shop page on hold for now. I've announced it on the social media platforms I'm on so hopefully this reaches those of you who might have missed it. The shop is still there, you just won't see any items in it because I've hidden them all.

Screenshot of Twysted Roots shop page on the website. Text reads "We don't have any products to show here right now"

Almost finished my current commission and won't be taking any more on at this time unless it's to book way into the future; enquiries are still welcome, I just won't be posting anything off after this week for at least three weeks. This will obviously be reviewed as more information and guidance is released from the UK government. Hopefully it won't be for long and rest assured, I'll still be making more trees during this time so with any luck, the shop will be bursting by the time this is less scary.

Be safe, and take care.

Big love, Clair ❤

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