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August update

Time for another blog post / update since the last one was way back in April. Twysted Roots is still going and for that I’m incredibly thankful and not just a little bit relieved. 2020 sure is going to be etched in our memories for a long time. So what's changed and what's new?


Still using an online courier service but hoping to resume local post office posting at some point this year for smaller items at least; it’s convenient getting things picked up but my preference is to shop local, plus costs are generally slightly less. We all like to get a good deal right?

I’ve not been in or near a shop since March, optimistically thinking everything would be less up in the air by now… oh well, it is what it is.


This year has been surprisingly commission based with lots of you asking for custom pieces which I’ve loved creating. Often I’m asked to make a tree combination which I might not necessarily have thought of myself so it’s like extra inspiration… when it can be done of course. For the first time this year I turned down a custom request as I didn’t feel I could bring to life what was being asked. Doing wirework (or any kind of work) on a regular basis, you just know what will work and what won’t and on this occasion the required design would not have been a thing I’d have managed to pull off in a way that was aesthetically pleasing. First time for everything I guess and I expect it won’t be the last time it happens. I'm good, but I'm no miracle worker.

White, silver and pearl bead and wire tree sculpture by Twysted Roots

Commissions will resume again, probably after December, but for now I’m taking a break from them to concentrate on stocking up the shop again and let the inspiration take over. And speaking of commissions…

Reviews and news

I was lucky enough to receive a glowing review from a fellow small business owner MyHelpfulHints. Darren requested a commissioned tree from me and the only thing that was asked for was to be within a specific budget – the rest was entirely up to me! Oh and he didn’t want any previews and requested that I didn’t send any photos or descriptions as he wanted to see it for the first time when it was delivered. No pressure then! I went with similar colours from their MyHelpfulHints logo and it turned out to be a lovely little tree. Very grateful to Darren for taking the time to write such a brilliant review about it. I’ve joined his business directory too and I’m hoping lots more people will consider being a part of this as he does an amazing job of supporting other businesses and his reviews are very thorough. Definitely one to watch (in a good way!).

Copper and grey bead and wire tree sculpture by Twsyted Roots

Reviews really do help businesses as it lets others know of your experiences dealing with them. I know it’s one of the first things I check before deciding to purchase from somewhere new. If you have a spare couple of minutes, why not let a business (and any interested parties) know when they’ve got it right? And if you’ve purchased from Twysted Roots previously, please feel free to let others know about it on Google, Facebook or Trustpilot - links are at the bottom of the website.

Take care and stay safe. ❤

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