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Christmas dates

No not the romantic kind! Postage dates and stuff.

As usual, Twysted Roots won't be closing over the holidays because it's a website and it never closes. I will however be ignoring everyone except friends and family from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day so please don't feel like I'm being rude if you message on Christmas Day looking for a late gift; I rarely take breaks and tree makers need days off too! Plus let's face it - if you've left it that late, a couple more days aren't going to make that much of a difference. You could always go for the gift card option; I do those now you know!

Ok so posting dates.

From the 16th December I'll do the usual and temporarily upgrade first class signed for to next day delivery on all UK orders until Christmas (weekends excluded). International orders will stay the usual tracked and signed because I can't guarantee stuff would arrive in time and I hate to let people down.

Orders will be posted out up to December 23rd and after that if orders do come in before the New Year I'll get them posted out if the post office is open, and won't if it isn't. It's usually pretty quiet at that time so I'm not expecting it to be any different this year.

I think normality resumes around the 4th January and it'll be business as usual. Have to admit, I'm going to feel a bit lost when I don't have squillions of Christmas trees to make!

That's all for now, and if I don't see you before, wishing you a happy holiday, and a safe and happy Christmas.


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