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Guess who added a gift card option?

If you guessed Twysted Roots then you would be right! Wix recently brought in this new feature so I was right on that and added the option to purchase gift cards, which is on the menu bar at the top if you're on pc, or in the drop down menu on mobile view, helpfully titled 'Gift Card'.

If we're getting technical, they're eGift Cards which you can send via email direct to a person you like ... unless they hate trees and it's some kind of passive agressive gift giving. I'm not here to judge (although who doesn't like trees?) - point being, you have the option of a nice and practical way of saying "get it yourself" if you can't decide, nothing specific catches your eye, or the person you're buying for is extraordinarily difficult to buy for. That'll teach 'em! It can be used towards something bespoke, something big, something small ... you get the gist. Pretty sure everyone knows how gift cards work by now but spelling it out to head off the "can I use it for ...?" messages. Happy spending! Or not *shrugs*

Love ya! ❤


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