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Hey, guess what this update is about..?

Yep, postage again!

So the UK is going into partial lockdown again starting Thursday 5th November which has prompted me to proactively add the courier service to the postage options, as well as still having the post office option on there for now. I will be playing that by ear and may go back to courier only while lockdown is in place. All the updated info is on the postage page here.

UK deliveries seem to be arriving as usual but I'm aware that some delays are occurring with international packages because of Covid, but also because it's coming up for the season that usually assures us we should be jolly (fa la la la laaa), not to mention all the outlets taking part in Black Friday deals ... yep it's going to be busy out there for delivery companies for the next few weeks.

Not sure if I've mentioned it in a blog before, but I probably should update the website with this info too - I've made Friday listing day now so it gives me a chance to make trees through the week then use Thursday / Friday for photograph and listing everything. Not that there's been loads to list because I've been catching up on pre-booked orders from a while ago and with everything going on the creativity part of my brain keeps taking a strop and huffing in the corner!

It did come back long enough for me to make this beauty, which will be appearing in the shop on Friday at some point. It was another nod to Halloween with the orange and black colour combination, but this one doesn't have bats flying around in it as I felt it looked perfect as an autumnal tree in all its orange glory.

Orange bead and black wire tree sculpture on a natural slate base. Handmade by Twysted Roots
Ablaze - bead and wire tree sculpture

Anyway that's about it for updates I think. Take care of yourselves and each other and as always, stay safe.


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