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New trees

September tends to be a quieter month so have been taking the time to get some new trees planned and made. To try and manage my time better (after a lifetime of being terrible at this it's about time right?) new trees will be getting listed on Fridays because nothing can get picked up by the courier until Monday anyway and it gives me the weekend to pack up any orders. Obviously anything ordered during the week will get booked and shipped off too - really just concentrating on doing all the photography and listing on one day instead of all through the week.

Due to the second wave of ongoing covid19 cases, courier services will be continuing for the forseeable future. The service has been really good so far with some minor delays on occasion but that's nothing unusual for anything going overseas, and UK packages generally arrive when expected so that's all good. As always everything is fully tracked and insured - I want your package to get safely to you as much as you do!

That's about it really - will keep you updated with any new developments and might even get some posts written out in between!

Take care and stay safe ❤

Gold rutilated quartz gemstone tree sculpture on an unpolished tiger eye crystal base, held by fingertips and thumb.
Connection; gold rutilated quartz gemstone tree on Tiger Eye


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