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New Year Greetings!

So... 2021 seems to be much the same as 2020 but worse if you can believe that. The UK covid numbers of cases and deaths are horrifying and we're in lockdown again, plus we have the added stress of the effects of Brexit and watching all the things that the UK was warned would happen, happen. Funny thing (well not really) about anxiety, is the ability to catastrophise any given situation. Odd thing to be living through something like this and knowing that for once, your gut instinct is spot on and not embellishing it.

Before Christmas as you may be aware, postal / shipping services were under a huge amount of pressure with many delays due to Christmas, covid and then many countries going 'Nope' and shutting their borders to the UK from fear of introducing the highly virulent strain of covid we have here to their countries. Quite rightly too as containment is paramount. It's ocurring to me that this probably isn't the best marketing subject I could be talking about right now but hey, it's happening and ignoring it isn't going to make it vanish. I will take this opportunity to reiterate, I live with my son (and two dogs) and the only people we see are from a distance when we take the dogs out or from a distance when we get shopping deliveries. I've not had the pleasure of any post office trips since before Christmas, but when I do go, there is a sanitising machine at the door, protective screens and distancing measures in place. Not that it's busy at the times I go down and right now I'm hugely grateful for living rurally. I've always taken hygiene seriously - comes from 1. working in a hospital previously, 2. working in catering environments and 3. the fear of cross contamination from when my eldest was little as he has food allergies and I'm all too aware just how far something can travel on unwashed hands or surfaces. It's the kind of thing that becomes habit so please know I'm taking all and every precaution to keep myself and my environment safe.

Which leads me to the next part ... I've reinstated shipping to the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. I will add countries to this as and when requested; postage prices have all gone up again so rather than having blanket worldwide shipping rates, I'm just checking each one and adding if required. Unfortunately due to the massive delays and ongoing problems with shipping from the UK to countries within the EU, I've had to keep that suspended for now but hopefully not forever. I am watching it all closely but I think it'll be a while before it's the smooth 'oven ready' transition that was stated it would be.

Peace out ... and may 2021 bring you hope and happiness. ❤


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