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Postal prices

Hey folks. Meant to write this post over a week ago but had some personal stuff going on so it got delayed. More about that at a future date but if you follow on social media you'll know.

The absolute rubbish news is postal prices are increasing from 04 April 2022 and unfortunately I can't absorb this one so have had to update postage prices to reflect this. The not so rubbish news is to try and offset this, 2nd class signed for is now an option as well the services that have always been available; 1st class signed for, special delivery and DHL if in the UK.

Orders under £50 can be sent 1st or 2nd class signed for, but anything over £50 is not covered by this service so will as always, be sent special delivery by 1pm, or courier if this is requested.

I hate having to raise prices but it is what it is as they say. I know people love the idea of free postage, but truth is it's never free and companies that offer this often have discounts for the volume of products they shift, as well as add it onto the cost of the item.

I'm just me and yes I could add on the postage costs to products but that doesn't sit right either. Plus if I was adding on an extra say £6 on each tree and someone ordered 4 trees that's the equivalent of paying for postage 4 times which sounds like a dreadful idea. I control what I charge for the items I make, but short of delivering them by hand myself (which wouldn't happen - I have no transport apart from my legs, no sense of direction and have absolute panic in unfamiliar places), paying shipping costs is something we're all stuck with.

Anyway, the updated prices can be found on the postage page here and if you want to check for yourself, the google search link for updated prices can be found here

Lastly I know everything is tough right now with prices soaring, and I know what I do is not a necessary service or something people particularly need in their lives. I was hit with covid at the start of last month so that took me out for over a week and with other big things going on in the background temporarily taking over, it's felt like a terrible time to be running a small business. But I'm incredibly grateful for all of you who have stuck around, whether it's through orders, social media support or just a scroll through the website. I still have plans to add painted items, crystals from the stash that aren't suitable for tree bases and even beads that I have an abundance of (although me + letting go beads is probably going to take a few more months to come to terms with). Not sure where I was going with that now so best to leave it there.

Teal, violet and purple bead and wire tree sitting on an upturned hand
Vivacious bead and wire tree sculpture by Twysted Roots

As always, if you have any queries, you can get in touch via the contact page and I'll try to help the best I can. Much love to you!


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