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Drum roll please....

And here it is – an actual second blog post! I didn’t make too much of a fuss over starting writing because in the back of my mind was the inner critic going “oh yeah here we go, and how long is this going to last?” Well shush you – it’s lasting at least two weeks!

I’ve had a productive few days so far all things considered. I’ve completed another tree which I started just over a week ago but had to delay thanks to having a broken finger tip. “Fractured distal phalanx” to be official. It happened almost two weeks ago and although it wasn’t painful at rest, it basically didn’t work to do anything as I normally would. However I did try and yes I did hurt it so I had to stop and give it a few good days of rest to heal. That wasn’t such a bad thing either as it meant I got to finish painting my custom packaging as well as sketch out some drawings of possible future projects. It did mean my social media postings dwindled somewhat as I had nothing new to post up which was when I decided if there was ever a time to start a blog, it was during a ‘break’ (groan....). Great idea and about as useful as having the urge to play guitar or do anything else that required 100% of hands. Suffering artist at work!

A teal coloured tree graphic with a brown trunk and text Twysted Roots below. A leafy vine design is in the top corners
Twysted Roots logo

So I’m almost as good as new and I’m looking forward to making lots more wire trees to add to the Twysted Roots forest. I was feeling a bit anxious thinking that after even a short break my enthusiasm might have taken a hit but I shouldn’t have worried - as soon as pain stopped being a factor I launched straight back into my wire twysts. It really does make a difference when you love what you do. And I will leave you on that note as I’m off to start another tree, just as soon as I decide on a colour. Hmmmmmm..........

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