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A Very Special Day Off

Hello world! It’s been a busy week again in the life of me; tree making and painting with the usual endless amounts of everyday ‘house stuff’ to contend with.

Green seed bead and copper tree with a twysted trunk and spread out twisty roots on a warm grey background
Green bead and copper wire tree sculpture

I’ve heard it said that working from home can be problematic, as in there are a lot of distractions that you wouldn’t have around you as say being a checkout operator or an office worker (done both). That does ring true to some extent because I find it difficult to settle into doing anything until my head is clear of things I “need” to do. It’s relatively simple to overcome though; dishes get washed, dogs get walked, people get fed and any other thing that needs doing on any given day gets done and then my mind is as clutter free as I’d like my house to be (not that that’s ever going to happen).

I have basically fallen into my own routine which isn’t rigid to the minute, but when I haven’t done things by a certain time I do start to feel restless and uneasy. Also irritated and less patient as my lads could probably tell you! I live with my two boys aka big son and young son; big son because he’s the oldest and young son who I can't call little son because he is taller than big son but at 15 he is the youngest. With their permission, they may get a mention now and again - they are a big part of my world after all.

Anyway, all that established, it gives a rough idea of my daily life which does not vary greatly from day to day and that’s the way I like it, being a routine loving Aspergic / Autistic person.

This week though I took a day off......

......... yep you heard that right. A day off. No treeing, no cooking (toast and sandwiches don’t count!) and no tidying. The occasion? It was that day of the year I normally I ignore and live in denial of the whole aging process and hope that it passes with nobody making a fuss. This year however I decided I was going to make an occasion of it and go out for a meal in the evening with my two lads and have some birthday drinks.

The sun was shining in the afternoon and big son gifted me two bottles of rose wine, one of which I opened, and proceeded to spend the next three or four hours sipping on (of course I used a glass and no I wasn’t swigging it out the bottle!) while I read my newly arrived, signed copy of a novel written by my lovely friend Lynne. It was sheer luxury to have this time of relaxation and I think I’m going to adopt it as a birthday tradition from now on. We all went to the pub in the evening and that was lovely too. To a casual onlooker they would just see a family out for food and a few games of pool. Nothing startling. But for me, seeing the lads spending time together and enjoying each other’s company made my day complete. Being brothers, plus other issues growing up, they didn’t always get along, so seeing them do something involving sticks and not having to worry about them using them on each other to inflict bodily harm was a real warming moment. And no it wasn’t just because I’d had a couple of drinks! (although that probably added to it)

And thus ends the tale of my very special day off, which turned out to be one of the loveliest birthdays I’ve ever had. Even the hangover the following day didn’t put me off planning to do something similar next year.

Big love

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