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Writing on 3 hours sleep

It’s blog time again and I find myself in the not unusual position of brain blankness for talking about anything specific this week. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of a week... had an extremely rare visit to the doctors at the start of the week after having a rather nasty reaction to a horsefly bite. I’ve been prescribed (and taking fastidiously) antibiotics and shock horror, I’ve actually been sleeping before 11pm and staying asleep for 8 or 9 hours. They’re really wiping me out! That of course was until last night when I managed a whole 3 hours sleep; 2 hours after going to bed then woke up for no apparent reason and couldn’t get back to sleep again. I have my suspicions that it could be the giant daddy long legs that’s been flying around my bedroom and divebombing my head that’s disturbed me but despite me glaring at it as it dangled from the ceiling, it’s not giving anything away.

I hadn’t planned on making more trees at 4am but that’s what I ended up doing. Tried to sleep again at 6am and managed an hour before one of the dogs woke me up whining because of the wind. Thanks for that pupper!

My two Border Collies

That sums up why I’m having a brain blank this weekend – too tired and my body is on autopilot. It hasn’t been a bad week though. Trees have been made, commissions completed and packages packed and sent off. I was going to have a day of painting boxes yesterday but found out the last order was the wrong size so that’s been put on hold until the right size ones arrive. I also ordered much smaller boxes so I can start making more tree brooches and hangy things ... not that it stops me making them, but it does seem daft to post off a tiny tree creation in a massive box. I’m not Amazon!

So that’s it, that’s all I’ve got today. I’m now off to make up some more miniatures, find something to zone out to on Netflix and glare at the dog again for waking me up.

Big love

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