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Doing my first giveaway

So... exciting stuff this weekend because I’m doing my very first giveaway!

I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now, doing some promotions on the run up to December and when I reached the lofty status of having 200 followers to Twysted Roots Facebook page I decided it would be perfect timing!

To be perfectly honest, I expected maybe about 10 or 20 at most would take part, and I had visions of me getting the calligraphy pen out and doing some fancy writing and being all flourishy and artistic ... but as of this morning (Saturday) there are over 50 people in the draw so far so screw that – going to print it out on word and cut names out like a normal person. I know there are online random name generators but it doesn’t feel very exciting to do it that way for a first time event. Young son has kindly said I can have use of his top hat for the draw so we will literally be drawing a name out a hat on Sunday.

On a different note, I’m overwhelmed with surprise, joy and gratitude at all the lovely comments I’ve received. When I’m sitting at home making my wire trees, it’s a solitary pursuit with no work colleagues beside me telling me what I’m doing is great or could do with improvement (although the amount of support on various social media platforms is incredible). Don’t get me wrong, I get lost in what I do because it completely absorbs me – I’d struggle doing it if it didn’t. Being my own worst critic, I wouldn’t put things out there if I didn’t think they were good enough. That doesn’t stop me getting moments of self doubt when I post off one of my little trees wondering if the recipient will like what they’ve bought or if they’ll be disappointed thinking “is that it?”

Purple and silver wire tree of life with pearl effect beads

To sum up, every single comment means the absolute world to me; once I get over the initial “run away!” reaction to compliments that is. It lets me know I’m not alone in thinking I’ve made something worth sharing with the world.

The giveaway is running until 7pm Sunday 10th September so if you want to head over to Facebook to take part you can do so here

Big love

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