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Inspired by You!

I was sitting pondering over what I could write for next weeks blog post when it struck me I haven’t even done this weeks yet! That probably sums up my week of being distracted even more than usual for no particular reason other than adjusting back to feeling myself again after a couple of weeks of feeling poorly and being on autopilot.

This week and next I’m doing an ‘inspired by you’ project. I posted up on facebook all the wire colours I currently have and asked people what they’d put together and I had a fab response and some great suggestions. So far I’ve completed two ... it would have been three but as I was hunting out specific colours of beads last night I ended up wanting to organise them better and three hours later I was in a sea of beads, bags and confusion so I gave up and went to bed.

Today I’m painting some boxes so will crack on with that while it’s sunny and I’ll leave you with the two ‘Inspired by you’ tree of life creations that I’ve made so far.

Big love

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