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Feeling blue (yet motivated)

Well I caved today and put the heating on because it’s so miserable out there and after getting soaked this morning while out with the dogs, I’m wishing that I’d trained them better so they could take themselves out on cold miserable days because I’m going to have to do it again once I’ve finished typing this.

This week has been one of those mythical “high functioning” weeks that I’ve heard about. Well, when I say “week” I actually mean the past three days. Being ‘me’ is my normality and for the most part I have learned coping mechanisms to get me through one day to the next (or one hour to the next depending on anxiety levels). So when I actually have days when I have the ability to carry out everyday tasks with little or no thought beforehand, it’s a bit of a revelation! It’s like having a holiday from my brain and I tend to make the most of it while the going is good.

It’s great because it means I can interact more on social media, which I love doing, I can hold multiple conversations on various platforms and I can be editing photos, replying to emails and thinking up new ideas all at the same time and it feels so good to be able to do this when I can. The house has even had a good tidy up and clean!

Forget-me-not; bead and wire tree of life

I’ve been busy preparing for a craft fair I’m taking part in at the start of December as well as making things that I’ve listed on the website. My most recent makes (excluding commissions) are a series of blue themed trees; Feeling Blue, Forget-me-not, and Winter Solitude. (are we sensing a theme here?) Normally I have no strong feelings either way about the colour blue, but I’m absolutely loving this blue mix of seed beads that I’m currently using. It was made up of a lot of smaller packs of beads that I knew I wouldn’t use on their own so I put them all together so I could make use of them. I also decided to add the freshwater rice pearl beads I bought a while back too, just for a bit of added interest really and also because I really need to start using all these beads I have everywhere. I figure if I live until at least 250 years old that'll probably give me enough time to get through them all. Maybe!

Feeling Blue; weeping style bead and wire tree of life sculpture

Right - that's me off to walk dogs again and get my third shower of the day.

Big love

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