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Socks and a satsuma

Black Friday came and went and I successfully avoided it despite the influx of emails flooding to my inbox from everybody I’ve ever shopped with before offering their best deals ever. I love a bargain as much as anyone else, but I don’t really have any pressing need to be buying anything at the moment. I know Christmas is happening in a few weeks but my lads have given me no clues as to what they would like this year and I’m out of ideas. Socks and a satsuma each!

Speaking of bargains, I currently have a 20% discount deal going on until Monday 27th November 2017 – use code “Tree4Me” at the checkout. It’s not a Black Friday / Cyber Monday thing, just an end of the month offer.

I had a whole other post planned out in my head to do this weekend but yet again anxiety has been prevalent and it’s put a stop to a lot of things I wanted to do. Social media is the first thing that takes a hit because it’s hard to think up words when my brain is doing the fight or flight response thing. I know I can use tweetdeck to schedule tweets and I do use it from time to time but I still prefer to actually engage rather than be on autopilot so to speak. It definitely does come in handy though when I have no resources left for interaction.

That’s one of the things I’m still learning to juggle is time spent on social media. It is a really important part of running a business as you need to be out there so to speak otherwise who is going to find you? It’s also so people can get to know you and your business which is why I started a blog in the first place ... it reaches the people who aren’t on social media and it’s also a place where I can give you a glimpse into my world. I write the way I think and being able to touch type means I can get it all down fairly quickly so my brain doesn’t race ahead too much or get bored trying to put it down into words. I hate texting for this reason – it takes so long to boop out letters on the phone screen compared to using a proper keyboard!

Ok starting to ramble on now so will leave you with some pictures from this week. Hoping that next week will be less of a brain melt!

Heart shaped tree of life by Twysted Roots

Bead and wire tree of life by Twysted Roots

Big love

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