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Trees and tangents

It’s December and officially time to start panicking about all the Christmas related things I have to do that I’ve not even given any thought to yet because .... well because it wasn’t December! It’s also struck me that it’s now next weekend I have a local craft fair to do so I have that to panic about also. On a plus note, it’s indoors so the mud content will be negligible, unlike the last one I did. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer too ... I’ll remember and take a coat with me this time!

White Christmas bead and wire tree close up

In regards to making things, I’ve gone off on another tangent in the form of a heart themed series of trees. I can say it’s a series because I now have 3 and I’m working on a fourth. They’re miniatures again in different colours, with a single foilwork glass heart and I’ve been giving them one word names either directly or loosely named after emotions, feelings or state of mind. ‘Love’ was my first one which is fairly self explanatory. This was followed by ‘Joy’ and ‘Forever’ and I’m currently working on ‘Calm’. I’m now wishing I’d made Calm first because I would then rename Forever to ‘Storm’ ... although there’s my next one sorted – I’ll just have to find some suitable colours. I have a few hearts in my bead collection so I’ll be making as many as I can before my mind veers off in another direction again.

Joy; bead and wire tree of life sculpture

There might be a delay or a complete omission of next weeks blog post depending on how the craft fair goes on the Saturday (I’m hoping delay) – I’ll be starting on my list of things I’ll have to take this weekend so I’m all packed and prepared by Friday night. That’s the aim anyway ... last one I did I was still faffing about at stupid o clock in the morning wondering which trees to take and ended up forgetting my big display one!

Wish me luck

Big love

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