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Quick – it’s Sunday night and I haven’t written a blog post yet! Here's a tree to distract you....

Entangled - bead and wire tree of life sculpture

In my defence I’ve had a really busy week as everything all went slightly mad over on Instagram after one of my trees was shared by lovely Dayna aka whimsycalling

If you’re on Instagram, (or even if you're not - you can still look!) do check out her amazing work; it is seriously stunning. Anyway because I’m not glued to my phone and also because I’d turned off the wifi so I could eat pizza undisturbed, I wondered what on earth was going on when I switched it back on and there were so many notifications, they couldn’t even all show on the feed.

My first instinct of course was panic – I’m not sure why sudden interest in anything I do causes this but it does.... second instinct (which is the self preservation part) was to find out why the sudden interest so I could stop panicking! It was then I noticed I’d been tagged in the photo and it seemed like everybody in the world was commenting, following or both. As a result, TwystedRoots has over 300 new followers and a few unexpected sales to the USA! Woohoo!

It’s been positively overwhelming but I knew it was only going to be intense for two or three days so I went through as many notifications and replied to as many comments as I could find. I’ve no doubt missed a few so sorry if anyone is reading this and you’re one of the ones I’ve missed – I’ve not done it purposely!

It’s at times like that I really feel I belong to a community and it’s genuinely one of my favourite parts of all this, to meet other people and get a glimpse of their story too. I get the same feeling on twitter with all the different hours on there like #womaninbiz #handmadehour #UKGiftHour #CraftHour and #RoyalConnectionHour just to name a few. Yes everyone is in business and doing everything they can to make it a success, but there’s a lot of time made for others too. I always imagined it before I started, being somewhat cutthroat with everyone vying for attention, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tenacity - bead and wire tree of life sculpture

That was the biggest thing to happen this week (and probably for the month!). Other than that I’ve just been making as fast as my fingers allow it, with some new additions to the shop in between making custom orders. I have another trip to the post office tomorrow and a tree to finish, then it’s business as usual to try and get stocked up again. I can’t wait to show you some of what I’ve been working on – I love that I’ve been shipping off to America but I don’t love the extended shipping times and the tracking taking days to update. Fingers crossed this time next week all will have been delivered and I’ll have lots of new trees to show you.

Big love

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