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Five grams. Are you kidding me?

I thought I’d spend some time playing guitar today as I’ve not really had time since Christmas as I’ve been so busy with tree making. I lasted about an hour before my fingers were feeling burning hot and tender – guess I’m going to have to work on toughening my fingertips up again. Rock goddess I am not!

My guitar

I’ve spent a lot of time researching alternative suppliers this week as it’s transpired that the place I normally get my seed beads is no longer stocking them. Absolute disaster! One thing I’m terrible for (or really good at depending on your point of view) is buying things in bulk ... I hate fiddly little amounts of anything that I’m likely to lose in the Bermuda triangle that is my house. If it can be bought in a large amount, then it will be. Imagine now my complete horror to find out that most places sell them in bags of 5g or 10g. I mean what am I supposed to do with that? I probably lose that much down the side of the sofa each week!

I’ve been used to buying then in 500g – 1kg at a time. I’m not in panic mode just yet as I do have another couple of places I’ve bought from before, it’s just they don’t have a huge range of colours. Also, I still have millions in stock. I can’t go wholesale because I’m not a reseller but I have found two or three places that look promising although it’s still at three times the cost of my original place. Grrr. So that’s been my week of fun as well as finishing off some commissions (which actually was fun because I got to paint again as well as make trees).

Painted trees

Valentines Day will soon be upon us and no I haven’t made anything special for it – no Valentines trees here because they're made with love all year round. Ha! I did treat myself to a couple of gifts though – a beautiful piece of wall art from CornwallCustomTables, and a lovely colourful scarf from NeithTextiles; when big son saw me wearing it he commented that it made me look like an artist. Took me a moment or two to fire back “What do you mean ‘look like’ – I am an artist!” I was still secretly pleased though.

Wishing you a great week

Big love

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