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"Close to" (aka nowhere near)

That’s the weekend nearly over and I’m pleased to report it has been a lovely and relaxing one here. I’ve been going full steam ahead for weeks so it was nice to have a couple of days of feeling chilled out and just enjoying having no deadlines. Back to normal (ish) tomorrow though with some new ideas I’m going to be working on .... well new trees to be specific; I already have the ideas!

Cascade; weeping style bead and wire tree of life sculpture

These last few days have also been spent reworking and rephotographing some of my older trees. Not that they were defective in any way, just that I’ve fine tuned my wire twysting technique this past year and looking back on older trees, I can see some of them would benefit from some root trimming which is what I’ve been doing. I’ve also been renaming some of them, or more to the point ‘naming’ as not all of my trees have names. Not all of them will get named either but some suit it more than others.

I had a bit of an eye roll moment and a chuckle over the weekend too as I noticed I’ve eventually reached an impressive 300 followers on Facebook after almost a year. It has been really slow to build up compared to other accounts but that’s largely due to how Facebook works and keeps changing to ‘improve’ the users experience. I’m not entirely sure who so far has felt their experience improved with any of these changes - leave a comment if you're bouncing around with joy each time something is updated! Anyway, given that it’s taken this long to reach 300 followers I burst out laughing when I saw this on the side of my newsfeed.

Facebook message - your page Twysted roots is close to 500 likes

“Close to” 500 likes?? At this rate I’ll have reached 500 by 2020! So feel free to speed up that process if you want to drop by ... I won't be holding my breath though 😂

Until next week then ......

Big love

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