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Blogging in months beginning with A

Well not really, but since my last post was in April, the thought made me laugh.

After months of radio silence with blogging, and some gnawing guilt over the whole starting something then abandoning it, I've decided to just go with sporadic writing since that appears to be my natural rhythm anyway. My life isn't exciting enough to post every week, plus reality has shown me that when other things are going on, the least important thing gets shuffled off to the back of the queue.

A quick recap of things that have happened since April ....... winning #SBS with Theo Paphitis in May was a huge thing for me as I've been entering almost every week for almost a year. It means more online networking / support, I get to be part of the winners website, and there's also an annual event, at which I'll be presented with a certificate from the man himself! That part I'm very apprehensive about because although I can generally do the social thing for short bursts at a time, my mouth has a habit of coming out with random stuff that leaves me wanting to find a handy black hole to be sucked into!

#SBS official winner badge

Other things ..... lots more sales, more ideas, more trees, and more wire and bead purchases. I've met some more lovely people on various social media platforms and lost count of how many things I've added to my ever increasing wish list. I did treat myself last month to a couple of lovely keyrings, made by the lovely Jo of MaisyPlum. One brilliant thing about selling online, is meeting all the other fantastic makers and creatives out there - I love seeing what other people can make, and it's even better when you know it makes a difference by buying something from them, as opposed to something mass produced. We really do launch into happy dance mode with every sale. And no I'm not showing any videos to prove it!

Until next time ........ ❤

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