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Shop and postage update

After a week of pondering what best to do over the business and how to keep it going I've made a decision of sorts.

Im not an essential worker or an essential business. But having this business is essential to me for both financial and mental reasons. I can't help but feel selfish even thinking of all this when the whole world is dealing with the repercussions of an ongoing pandemic, but I need to do something that doesn't involve watching it all unfold and feeling alternately numb and fearful.

I registered with an online courier pickup service last week in order to fulfill a recent commission so this is the service I'll be using for the immediate future. I have edited the website to reflect the postage prices and they will be added automatically at checkout as usual.

On a plus note, overseas deliveries appear to be super speedy - a package I had picked up on Monday arrived at its US destination on Thursday! 😮 It's been on my mind a lot for the past couple of weeks and I knew I needed to do something as enquiries have been coming in and the postage situation was causing much anxiety. The unknowns of the time scale aren't easy either because none of us have an end date for this. Feeling for everybody right now. ❤ Personally missing being able to take a walk to the post office as well as my usual dog walks daily. Once a day is better than no times a day though.

TL:DR if you have your eye on anything or fancy commissioning something drop me a message and we'll take it from there.

Peace out and stay safe ❤

Green and garnet bead and wrie tree sculpture by Twysted Roots

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